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Improving people’s lives by harnessing the healthcare data explosion through an intelligent data integration platform.

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Every time a person visits a doctor or hospital, a surge of data is created.

That data is the lifeblood that has the power to deliver insights and the promise to transform our healthcare experience.

But today, these data are stuck in old systems and are hard to share, making it difficult to give patients the best possible care and experience they deserve.

This creates a frustrating reality for patients who are looking for answers to basic questions: Do I need to see a doctor? If so, which doctor should I see? How do I know if the doctor is any good? How much will this cost me?

Abacus’ mission is to improve people’s lives by breaking down these silos and liberating healthcare data to make real impact.

Abacus believes this is achievable today because of two recent fundamental and unprecedented shifts: the digitization of healthcare data and the advent of cloud computing have given us the ability to securely bring vast amounts of data together to produce powerful insights.

The Abacus Platform

Abacus works closely with all the key constituents of the healthcare system to deliver intelligent data integration capabilities.

Generate Actionable Insights

Access a single platform that curates and organizes healthcare data from multiple sources and in different formats.

Use advanced analytics to enable capabilities that improve consumer experience, lower cost of care, and improve care quality.

Drive Rapid Innovation

Abacus ‘power strip,’ a robust ecosystem of high value applications that accelerate innovative assets.

Switch rapidly between applications based on your ever-changing business needs.

Stay Current with Technology

Abacus keeps the platform current with the latest technology, constantly “looking around the corner” for the next innovation so you can stay focused on high value business needs.

Secure Data and Reduce Risk

HIPAA and HITRUST compliant environments so you can exchange data securely and flexibly.

Reduce risk by eliminating the need for data extracts from potentially hundreds of vendors.

How We Help

We improve people’s lives by helping healthcare companies generate actionable insights from our data integration platform that result in better care. These insights enable:

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A more personalized patient experience

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Better quality outcomes for patients

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Reduced administrative burden for everyone