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Better Care

Improving people’s lives by harnessing the healthcare data explosion through an intelligent data integration platform.

Healthcare Is Experiencing Unprecedented Change

Healthcare companies are undergoing a massive transformation with ever-increasing demands from the consumer and shifting payment models. Data is the life blood that has the power to transform how we experience healthcare in this new environment.

Healthcare Companies Struggle to Harness the Power of Their Data

As a result, healthcare companies are pouring significant amounts of resources and investment into operating and maintaining their legacy data platforms, as well as managing numerous external solutions. Yet, they still fall short of creating a truly connected healthcare experience. Although healthcare companies are often “data rich,” legacy systems and lack of talent keep them “insight poor.”

Abacus Insights Is the Solution that Unlocks Healthcare Data Value

Abacus allows healthcare companies to unlock the value of their data by removing the burden of maintaining and updating an enterprise data management platform. Abacus provides a flexible, efficient, and secure platform that organizes and exchanges data from various sources and formats, allowing healthcare companies to uncover differentiated insights that address their customer’s needs.

The Abacus Platform

Generate Powerful Insights

Access a single platform that curates and organizes healthcare data from multiple sources and different formats.

Use advanced analytics to enable value-based care and consumerism capabilities that improve consumer experience, lower cost of care, and improve care quality.

Stay Current with Technology

Abacus keeps the platform current with the latest technology, constantly “looking around the corner” for the next innovation so you can stay focused on high value business needs.

Secure Data and Reduce Risk

HIPAA and HITRUST compliant environments so you can exchange data securely and flexibly between payers, providers, and consumers.

Reduce risk by eliminating the need for data extracts to hundreds of vendors.

Drive Rapid Innovation

Abacus ‘power strip,’ a robust ecosystem of high value applications that accelerates innovative assets.

Switch rapidly between applications based on your business needs.

How We Help

We help healthcare companies provide better care for everyone by enabling actionable insights in the following areas:

Providing personalized patient/member experience

Aligning incentives to provide the best quality of care

Reducing administrative burden for individuals

The Abacus Difference

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Deep Healthcare and Technology Expertise

Our founding leadership team offers deep experience in the healthcare space and knows, first-hand, the industry’s biggest pain points.

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Technology Currency

We maintain the platform to be ‘future-proof’ against changes in technology and keep it current with best-of-breed capabilities so you can focus on your business and customers.

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Enterprise Data Integration

Abacus offers a low risk methodology to improve integration across enterprise-wide data, making it easier to generate insights to better service your customers.

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Flexible App Ecosystem

Choose high-value applications from multiple solution partners that solve your business problems, and enjoy the flexibility to change your mind. Support for public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.