Accelerate Payer Integration With New Data Usability

Only Abacus Insights removes the roadblocks to integrating with payers, breaking through complexity and accelerating activation.

As the U.S. market leader in data usability, we improve digital data exchange and open the door to new opportunities for our partners.

Our unique partnerships are helping health plans accelerate the achievement of key goals – efficiency, equity, health services and member outcomes.


“Usable data from Abacus Insights is a key enabler and connecter. Partnerships like this one between ZS and Abacus Insights will be increasingly important in a connected health ecosystem.”

Pratap Khedkar, CEO, ZS

Get the Abacus Insights Advantage

Abacus Insights is the payer data expert—built exclusively for the sector with financial investment from market leaders. We offer faster time-to-value with hundreds of pre-built configurable connectors to payer core administration systems and a process that ensures data is usable.

  • Complete

    Consolidate and normalize structured, unstructured, internal and external data sources into a 360 view/longitudinal patient record.

  • Accurate

    Clean data, rooting out redundancies and errors, with the ability to trace data lineage.

  • Timely

    Deliver and receive updates using all legacy and new interfaces and protocols to meet the need for current information.

  • Application and Use-Case Agnostic

    Work with every analytical and operational application, system, format, and business need.

  • Relevant

    Apply context to identify and separate germane from extraneous data, jettisoning the clutter.

  • Versatile

    Able to extract, bundle and deliver just the right data in desirable formats (YOUR format) for each specific use case.

Why Partner With Us

  • Data configurable to meet specific business and client purposes (e.g., claims, clinical, membership for both operational and analytics)
  • Integrates with systems such as NASCO and Facets.
  • Seamless bi-directional integration with payers
  • 60% savings shared by partner and client per implementation
  • Compatibility with “as-is” tech stack and existing platforms
  • Modern architecture allowing constant evolution maintains tech currency
  • HITRUST r2 certified, SOC 2

Let us tell you how data usability is changing the game in payer integration for our partners. Please share your information and we will contact you.

Abacus Insights’ Data Solutions Are Available in AWS Marketplace.

Contact us to learn more about procuring our solutions through the AWS Marketplace.