Unlock Siloed Clinical Data to Create Longitudinal Patient Records and Drive Value-Based Contracting

Payer access to comprehensive, high-quality clinical data has been a major missing piece of the puzzle for achieving better care, equity and affordability.

Not anymore.

Our Clinical Data Solution gives health plans all the clinical data they need to build longitudinal patient records and immediately begin improving care and payment models.

Leverage Clinical Data at All Points of Need

Our Clinical Data Solution integrates and validates clinical data from HIEs, EMRs, digital apps and other external sources with core payer data including claims eligibility and case management. Our solution delivers clinical data tailored to meet payer needs, including:

  • Longitudinal Patient Records

    Create comprehensive health histories for members.

  • HEDIS® and CMS Star Ratings

    Demonstrate adherence to quality, performance and other standards required for participation in federal programs.

  • Value-Based Care and Payments

    Enhance contracting and financial incentives with better forecasts and tracking of spending, costs and outcomes to improve care and affordability.

  • Population Health Management

    Segment members, identify specific needs, deliver care, measure outcomes and share that data with providers and other key stakeholders.

U.S. healthcare has been striving for decades to compile and access each patient’s entire health history in one longitudinal record. These records are fundamental building blocks for achieving value-based care and payments at scale.

Improve Member Outcomes

To make clinical data immediately usable for a variety of purposes, our solution:

  • Accesses, combines, and validates different sources and systems of external and internal clinical data into a cohesive clinical data ecosystem
  • Extracts and delivers pertinent clinical data to inform and improve core operations, workflows, and analytics
  • Enables sharing of relevant, timely, and accurate clinical information with providers, patients, and other key stakeholders

This solution draws on the only data transformation platform designed specifically for healthcare payers. Our HITRUST r2-certified and SOC 2-certified platform makes high-quality data available at optimal latency to accelerate business value for both analytical and operational use.

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