Abacus Insights’ Data Solutions Are Available in AWS Marketplace.


Please visit our listing on the AWS Marketplace here to learn more about how Abacus Insights drives data usability for payers and healthcare companies with AWS.


To learn more about procuring our solutions through the AWS Marketplace, please send us your information.


Abacus Insights delivers the scale and reliability of AWS in a tailored platform optimized to deliver usable data to health plans to support a variety of use cases.


> Rapid Implementation

Ability to bring in ANY form of data relevant to a healthcare company (clinical, labs, claims, etc.) processed with high quality and speed to market built-in connector factory.


> Cost Effective

Abacus Insights’ modern and enterprise-grade platform lowers total cost of ownership. -60% lower TCO compared to internal estimate.


> Modularly Deployed

Modularly deployed to meet specific needs and highly configurable. Abacus Insights can co-exist with existing enterprise platforms and architectures.