Simplifying Data for Better Outcomes

The Abacus Insights Platform is a data management and analytics enablement solution that organizes, curates and enriches disparate healthcare datasets to drive powerful insights for improvements in member engagement and satisfaction. The fully managed platform leverages best-in-class cloud technologies modernizes the healthcare data ecosystem, ensures interoperability, lowers the total cost of ownership and delivers scale and flexibility.

We Make Data Management Easier

Abacus Insights’ concierge data management services and customer-centric focus minimize change management, allowing you to focus on building rich analytic capabilities that accomplish your business objectives.

A Unified Data Hub

The platform’s Unified Data Foundation securely improves healthcare data quality through standardization that enables a seamless distribution of on-demand data to end-users.

Zoom Data Hub

The Abacus Insights Platform Offers

Scalability & Extensibility

Rapid Implementation

Ingests ANY form of healthcare data, and any ingestion pattern, including batch, API and CDC.

Scalability & Extensibility

Enterprise-level Distribution Hub

Offers multiple ways to consume data.

Scalability & Extensibility

Scalability & Extensibility

Proven credentials for ever-changing healthcare industry requirements.

Scalability & Extensibility

Accelerates Time to Value

Accelerates the development of enterprise data warehouse, operational data stores, data marts and data lakes and gives you peace of mind with experts to help business users.

Scalability & Extensibility

Enterprise-level Unified Healthcare Data Foundation

Helps you standardize analytics on data and business rules.

Scalability & Extensibility

Minimizes Change Management

Enabling you to focus on analytics.

Scalability & Extensibility

Enterprise Data Operations at Scale

Plan, execute and report on data management operations.

Scalability & Extensibility

Healthcare Industry Experts

Industry-leading healthcare experts to assist in improving how your data is managed.