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Abacus breaks down data silos and liberates healthcare data to make real impact.

Founder Story

Minal Patel started his career in healthcare nearly 30 years ago as a medical student.  While there have been significant medical advancements over that time period, like complex brain surgeries and promising developments in cancer research, not much has changed around access, cost, and quality of healthcare. Seemingly simple activities have remained incredibly difficult, such as deciding which doctor to see and how much it will cost, or having your doctors coordinate your care better.

These frustrating realities stem from the industry-wide problem of information asymmetry caused by the siloed nature of healthcare data.  However, we are in an unprecedented time to solve this problem because of two fundamental technology shifts.  The digitization of data has finally come to healthcare and the advent of cloud computing has given us the ability to securely bring these data together to produce powerful insights.

Minal started Abacus Insights to tackle this fundamental problem head on.  Abacus is on a mission to improve the lives of individuals by breaking down the industry siloes, enabling health plans to bring information together so that consumers can make better health choices and physicians can make more informed treatment decisions. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of “insanity.” The time for doing this differently is NOW!

Our Leadership Team

Minal Patel
The Doctrepreneur  

Minal is a serial physician entrepreneur who founded Abacus Insights to serve payer needs around data integration and insight generation. Prior to this he has held senior roles at payer organizations most recently serving as SVP and Chief Strategy Officer of Horizon BCBSNJ.

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Gokul Varadharaj
The Client Whisperer  

Gokul joined Abacus as one of its initial leaders to drive the product and business alliances strategy. He currently serves as VP of Client Solutions for Abacus. He is a seasoned Payer business and technology operations executive, with over 12 years of experience in Payer Strategy and Operations roles.

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Larry Begley
The Keeper of the Abacus  

As CFO of Abacus Insights, Larry has over 35 years as a financial executive, venture capitalist, and public and private company board member. His expertise includes scaling finance and IT infrastructure, driving successful strategic and IPO exits, growing human capital, and managing investor relations.

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Navdeep Alam
The Architect

Navdeep is the Chief Technology Officer at Abacus Insights, overseeing the technical development of the Abacus platform, including the ability to further scale the architecture, data management, interoperability, analytics, and secure cloud computing.

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Jaclyn Steele
The Talent Agent 

As VP of People and Culture, Jaclyn brings over 10 years’ experience as a People Strategy leader focused on creating an environment and community that attracts, develops, and retains top talent. Her expertise in building and leading high-performing teams, establishing the People Strategy function from scratch, and global expansion has helped her to scale companies of all stages of growth, from early stage start-ups to multi-billion-dollar corporations.

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Bill Brown
The Digital Sheriff 

Bill is CISO & CIO at Abacus Insights. Bill has spent his career leading global information security and information technology teams at start-up, mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies. He has expertise in developing comprehensive risk-based Information Security programs, which balance Enablement and Enforcement, work across company leadership, and are embraced by employees, executive teams and Boards of Directors.

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Sumant Rao
The Product Pioneer 

Sumant is Chief Product Officer and Operations Leader at Abacus Insights. He has spent his career designing, building and launching products at start-up, mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies. He has the most fun creating large enterprise analytics solutions working closely with clients and teams. At Abacus, Sumant oversees Product Management, Enterprise Data Operations, Customer Success, Implementations and Analytics. In this role he manages the company’s ongoing expansion into emerging markets.

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Krishna Kottapalli
The Growth Enabler 

As Chief Commercial Officer at Abacus, Krishna brings over 20 years of experience in Healthcare. At Abacus he is responsible for driving sales, business development, and marketing efforts as well as creating the Go To Market for the payer and other adjacent healthcare segments.

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Hossein Abdollahi

Hossein Abdollahi
The Implementer

Hossein is VP of Delivery at Abacus Insights leading all aspects of delivery, including supporting pre-implementation solutioning, implementations, ongoing operations, and customer success. He brings over 30 years of experience in healthcare and has led the successful implementation of large-scale claims systems for over 50 health plans, state Medicaid programs, and third-party administrators.

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Our Investors