February 6, 2024


Risk Adjustment Gets Usable Data at Last

Overcoming the challenge of getting usable data for your Risk Adjustment team is a far too familiar challenge for payers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While risk adjustment is estimated to represent one-third of payer revenues and is, therefore, a pressing priority, more urgent technology and data needs often take precedence.

In this webinar, Blue Cross of Idaho (BCI) and Abacus Insights show you how they moved Risk Adjustment to the front of the line with the backing of BCI’s IT Department. We also talk about how this data transformation for Risk Adjustment became a lever to a bigger enterprise solution including other use cases – all achieved with IT support.

We also offer guidance on navigating technology approvals and standing up a technology solution to get usable data as told through the efforts of BCI’s Risk Adjustment team. At the bedrock of this solution is a core partnership and a mutually beneficial relationship between BCI’s Risk Adjustment and Technology Departments and Abacus Insights that produced the usable data itself.

Learn About:

  • Usable data, which is complete, accurate, timely, relevant, versatile and use case and application agnostic
  • How obtaining usable data allowed BCI to manage risk, for example, by reducing financial impact by capturing certain conditions, correcting data errors, and providing the opportunity to clean up compliance as well
  • Building on the foundation of this usable data to ensure that Risk Adjustment can access this data with self-service, alleviating the constant stress and burden of reliance on IT