August 3, 2021


Quality Connections Matter

Sumant Rao, Chief Product Officer and Dan Reardon, Sr. Director, Product Management

When you invest in Abacus Insights, we come with 100 plus (and growing) data connectors

As Abacus Insights continues to grow, so too does our library of data connectors. As of July 2021, Abacus Insights has more than 100 connectors in production. These range from core claims data sets like medical, pharmacy, vision, to eligibility, enrollment, formulary, utilization management and billing. Our connectors library also includes:

  • Connectors in industry reference and public health
  • Connectors in digital health
  • Connectors in clinical and care management
  • Connectors in labs, consumer, provider and others

So why does this matter? For health plans, attempting to build a connector framework on a legacy system at scale and integrating new data partners’ maintenance nightmares can come very quickly. With over 900 payers, 6,000 hospitals, nearly a quarter-million physician offices, and 180,000 digital health platforms across the country, it is nearly impossible for health plans to process, reconcile, and standardize the thousands of unique attributes about their members’ health on their own. The Abacus connector framework enables the ingestion of billions of records on a daily basis, across a broad spectrum of disparate data sources, to deliver a holistic view of all the entities and transactions that comprise the modern healthcare payer data universe.

Our connector library is becoming richer and more dynamic every day: Every new touchpoint with our health plan partners and their subsidiaries leads to the production of new connectors. This enables our partners to reduce their time to deploy new applications to under 45 days and improve data quality by over 50% in the first year for many. In addition to the operational efficiencies, the real benefit is to health plan providers and members resulting in higher quality care and a more engaged and seamless patient experience.

Here’s how it works:

While 100+ connectors is a milestone, the real beauty of our connector marketplace lies in the reusability of our library. Once our solution ingests and configures a new partner’s data set — say, a pharmacy data set, which comes with its own set of privacy, security, and industry regulation sensitivities — that configuration can not only be reused for the next customer who works with that PBM but also that same rule set can be tweaked for the next PBM that comes along. This is how our partners can reduce what would otherwise be a six-month configuration timeline to under 45 days.

Using our rich set of “off the shelf” data pipelines for key industry data sources and a powerful suite of configuration tools, our solution can easily consume a wide variety of data formats (CSV, JSON, and HL7) coming in via a broad array of data transports including event-driven APIs, FHIR APIs, SFTP and Directo Query interfaces.

“We’re not just moving partner data from Point A to Point B, as the bits and bytes are transferred, partner data is enriched every step of the way. Our solution ingests that raw data, validates, standardizes, and enriches it by tying it to industry reference and public health data sets. That data is then mastered and further refined for specific distribution use cases,” said Dan Reardon, Sr. Director, Product Management. “All the while, our team works to ensure data quality is maintained in compliance with healthcare industry standards.”

Abacus Insights performs extensive data quality checks ensuring only valid records are ingested while flagging any questionable records. Those issues are proactively shared and resolved in coordination with our data partners.

Our solution is built to accommodate our partners regardless of where they are in their data management journey. In this way, Abacus Insights goes far beyond the standard ETL solution. We’re not just eliminating data management woes; we’re delivering high-quality, curated data with speed and at scale ready for our data partners and clients.