March 23, 2023

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Abacus Insights Earns HITRUST Risk-Based, 2-Year Recertification of Its Data Transformation Platform

Meets the highest standards for cybersecurity, data protection, and risk mitigation for health plan clients

Boston, March 23, 2023 – Abacus Insights, the leader in data usability for healthcare payers, has earned the HITRUST r2 certification for its Data Transformation Platform hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Active Directory hosted at Microsoft Azure. For the recertification, Abacus Insights demonstrated that it met the gold standard for regulatory compliance, industry requirements and risk management.

The HITRUST risk-based, two-year (r2) assessment demonstrates expanded practices inclusive of unique risk factors, compliance factors, and a more comprehensive approach to evaluation including policies, processes, and implementation. This achievement places Abacus Insights in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned the HITRUST r2 certification.

“Protecting the personal information and data security of our payer clients is essential, and it is why we build stringent safeguards into every aspect of our platform, data solutions and overall business,” said Bill Brown, Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for Abacus Insights. “By regularly upgrading our approach and pursuing the most rigorous certifications, we commit to using the most advanced standards, protocols and processes.”

With the only data transformation platform and data solutions developed specifically for health plans, Abacus Insights makes healthcare data usable by ensuring it meets six dimensions—accurate, complete, timely, relevant, versatile and use case and application agnostic. The unmatched control and flexibility of interoperable usable data enables payers to more effectively run and improve operations and analytics and to innovate. Abacus Insights manages data for more than 21 million members.

“The HITRUST Assurance Program is rigorous and reliable because of the comprehensiveness of control requirements, depth of review, and consistency of oversight,” said Bimal Sheth, Executive Vice President, Standards Development & Assurance Operations, HITRUST. “HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) Certification demonstrates Abacus Insights is taking the most proactive approach to cybersecurity, data protection, and risk management.”

In addition to HITRUST r2 certification, Abacus Insights is SOC2 certified, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and HL7 FHIR compliant and certified a Qualified Entity by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

About Abacus Insights
Abacus Insights is a healthcare technology leader with the only data transformation platform and solutions built specifically for health plans. Focused on data quality and usefulness, Abacus Insights gives payers a new level of control and flexibility with their data by developing accurate, timely, and robust ecosystems that can support any analytics or other applications. Managing data for 21 million members, Abacus Insights partners with payers to deliver scalable solutions that drive strategic initiatives, control costs, and improve member lives and experiences.

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Lois Padovani