Engineering at Abacus

Engineering at Abacus

Building the Future of Healthcare.

Our Engineering Challenge

Data is the fuel for healthcare innovations that have the power to change people’s lives. But today, there are major gaps in how data is shared and leveraged. Abacus’ engineering team has taken on the challenge of building the most innovative cloud-based technologies that will revolutionize how we experience healthcare.

How We Solve It

Engineers at Abacus are building the most innovative technologies that enable our customers to make the best decisions. Writing code is important, but it’s only the first step. Our team of forward-thinking technologists work together to build an intelligent data integration platform to address the technology gap in healthcare.

What Our Team Is Saying

  • “At Abacus, I work with a talented and driven team that makes you feel that anything is possible. This place challenges you to expand your mind and create a future you'd be proud of.”
    @NithyaSenior Performance Engineer
  • “There are high standards here at Abacus, and that motivates me to perform at the top of my game. I feel like my work here really matters and we are solving such an important problem – improving healthcare.”
    @EmilSenior Software Engineer
  • “The number one benefit about working at Abacus is the people. The folks here are smart, caring, and driven to put together elegant solutions with quality and sustainability in mind.”
    @AdamSenior Engineer
  • “I work at Abacus to be with great people. Each day is exciting and challenging as we get to work with the latest AWS technologies.”
    @MattSenior Engineer

Our Principles

We are committed to building our company upon a strong set of principles, which guide our everyday choices, actions, and interactions.

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Top 5 Reasons to Join Abacus

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With a supportive team backing you up, you will do more than you ever believed possible.

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You will join a team of bright, motivated, and passionate people working collaboratively to solve the most complex problems.

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You will step foot on the Abacus ‘rocket ship’ moving at the speed of innovation already on a rapid growth trajectory.

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You will hear, “Yes, let’s do that!” and then have the opportunity to successfully execute on your ideas.

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You will learn new things everyday, teach others what you know, and together, we will all grow beyond what we can achieve alone.

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